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Denied By Character- Dele Olawanle

There are many who work tirelessly to get to the "top", only to come crashing back down after a while. You need not be one of them. In Denied By Character, Pastor Dele presents a strong case for the superiority and indispensability of good character in the pursuit of success. If you want a life of perpetual open doors, read this book and gain practical wisdom on the "whys" and "hows" of developing a godly character.

"Once in a while, we need to remind ourselves that we are human beings not 'human doings', and that activity is not necessary accomplishment. we need to remind ourselves that success is not what we have, it is who we are, and ultimately, it is our nature that determines our future....

Denied By Character is a powerful reminder of these salient truths"

Pastor Sam Adeyemi
Success Power International


Author: Dele Olawanle  
Publisher: Baruch Press  
Price: £10.99 (Inc P& P)  

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